DS650 Quad Rebuild Project
"Road to Recovery"
Started: May 2010
Updated: 4/15/11

I would like to first take the time to acknowledge the companies that have helped out thus far in the build.
OMF Wheels: www.omfperformance.com
Durablue :


Below is what our DS looked like when we purchased it:
March 2010



Phase 1 of Build.
May - July 2010

For phase 1 we wanted to get some quick results so we could get back to riding as soon as possible. In this phase we changed the color scheme from orange and black to our company colors of Red, White, & Black. Some new plastic and some powder coating and we where done. As for the mod's we added our Durablue axle & air filter , OMF wheels, and a Big Gun rev box. We were able to test these out at Silver Lake sand dunes in Mears Michigan in Aug. Here is a photo of our phase 1 rebuild at the dunes:


Phase 2 of build:
Nov. thru -  Current

As the riding season came to an end I decided to really get into the guts of this project and do the DS proud. Below are some pictures I have taken during the build.










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